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The Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 kayak’s superior stability and performance make it the ultimate boat for photographers of all abilities. The Pilot Drive propeller system effortlessly propels the boat (even in reverse) while leaving both hands free to hold your camera and focus in on your subject. The spacious, sit-on-top design with generous storage is perfect for carrying your kit and camping gear should we be overnighting. The superior stability will settle the nerves of even the most anxious of clients. Boasting more performance, comfort, features, and storage than standard kayaks, our fleet of kayaks will even keep you drier, with no paddle splash. Maybe a little bow splash in choppier waters but even that is minimal.

Whether you are joining us for a full day or half day on the water this demands the ultimate comfort and the Pescador Pilot is built for just that. The roomy Captain’s chair features zonal mesh to promote cooling airflow where you need it most. On-the-fly seatback adjustment tilts back for relaxed pedalling or forwards for sportier pedalling.

Join us and propel your exploration and photography to a whole new level.  The Pescador Pilot Pedal kayak is fully designed, moulded and hand assembled in the USA before landing here in Scotland. 

The Ultimate Photo - Yak

Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0
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