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The names 'Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV/Scotair' or 'us' or 'we' refers to the owner of the website whose office is The Old Farmhouse, Skirling Mill, Skirling, Biggar, South Lanarkshire ML12 6HB Tel: 01899 860334.  The term 'you and your' refers to the user or viewer of our website. 




At any time and with all rights reserved, Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV may cancel trips or change the location at their discretion when conditions are thought to be below operating minima, with no liabilities for expenses incurred to third party's.




Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV will make weather decisions with as much notice as possible to mitigate any potential loss or inconvenience to clients. There will be no questioning of decisions once made.


The decision to cancel will be based on safety grounds and will only happen in the event of extreme weather conditions such as gale force winds, torrential rain or very poor visibility. We do not cancel due to light rain or cold.


With regards to cancellation; if a client decides to cancel for personal reasons or because they don’t like the weather on the day, even when it is within our safe operating minima, their deposit will be held and is non-refundable.

If Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV cancel due to operational conditions, we will offer an alternate date to suit the client.


Your Obligation to Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV


You must arrive punctually for your trip. A degree of flexibility will be applied however as we appreciate that things out with the control of the individual can occasionally occur on the way to your trip. If you arrive late, with the knowledge that there are road closures or diversions in place, the client will be liable for their loss or inconvenience.

Being late may mean the trip will be shorter or indeed, cancelled. A ‘No Show’ is an immediate cancellation and any monies held will be retained. 

It will always be the responsibility of the client to plan their trip well in advance. Any outside factor such as traffic delays due to road closures will not be the responsibility of the Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV.

Clients who arrive and are suspected to be intoxicated or appear to be, can and will be refused on the trip if it is felt they will be a danger to themselves or others.

Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV operate a No Smoking or Vaping policy and clients will be asked to refrain throughout the course of the trip. On breaks off the kayaks, clients may Smoke and Vape at a distance of 50 feet(15m) from the group.




Should we feel clients are failing to follow or not complying with our instructions, Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV hold the rights to cancel or terminate the trip for the individual and/or group. In this case, no refunds will be issued.

Should a client who has booked a particular date find they can’t meet this, they can seek an alternate date providing 72 hours notice has been given. The trip/booking can be transferred and details must be sent via email to the office as soon as possible.


Damage and Loss


Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV will accept no responsibility for loss or damage of a clients property. It will be the sole responsibility of the client to make sure they have a safe procedure for the handling of their belongings throughout the trip. 

A full briefing will be given to clients prior to the trip with a full explanation of the kayaks systems. If the kayaks are damaged due to negligence, any costs and losses will be the responsibility of the client. Clients will be asked to sign a waiver prior to departure. Failure to sign will result in their trip being cancelled and any monies retained by the company.


Comfort and Safety


Our leaders will be trained by the Scottish Canoe Association and hold current qualifications with regard to your trip. 

Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV operate within strict safety guidelines and it is a compulsory requirement that these are followed at all times during the trip.

All participants will be supplied with Personal Flotation Device (PFD); which is compulsory for your comfort and safety. Under no circumstances should your PFD be removed whilst on the water.

Kayaking as an activity carries an element of risk. It is the participant's responsibility to accept that they fully understand any instructions, regulations and safety guidelines.




Through the Scottish Canoe Association, we carry Third Party Public Liability Insurance for £10,000,000.

All Caledonia Dreaming/My PEAK XV activities, whether kayaking or ballooning are operated to the highest possible standards and requirements. Participants must fully understand that as with any outdoor activity, there are risks associated and it is for them to accept them.

Further details available on request. Please phone or e-mail for further information.

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