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Photo Kayaking




Q.   Should I book my trip advance?  

A.   We would highly recommend booking your trip in advance to avoid any disappointment.


Q.   What is the booking procedure?

A.   Please call us on 07989 428536; send a message on the site's messenger box or email o with your requirements. We will do what we            can to make your trip work out the way you would want; if you need a little bit of inspiration, why not take a look at our suggested and recommended locations and                our photo albums.


Q.   I haven’t been on a Pedal Drive Kayak before, is this a problem?

A.   Not at all. The Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 is a super simple kayak to use and you’ll be off and running within minutes. Unlike paddle kayaks, a pedal-operated                    propeller provides the drive both forward and reverse, while steering is controlled via a small lever at your left-hand; this is linked to a rudder, to give excellent control.           The kayaks we use are a really stable design and although it is possible to stand in them we do not allow this and anyone doing so will be asked to sit down immediately            for their own safety. Rolling 0ne of our kayaks would only be possible if someone did something really, very silly!!! 


Q.   Can I take alcohol on the kayak?

A.   NO! Taking alcohol is not permitted on our kayaks. 


Q.   Can I smoke or Vape? 

A.   No, absolutely not, this is absolutely not permitted on our kayaks.


Q.   Will I have to wear a life jacket?   

A.    Yes. We provide Personal Flotation Devices/ Life jackets for your safety; they must be worn at all times, no matter your ability or fitness.


Q.   Will I need a wetsuit?

A.   No. Firstly, the kayaks we use are incredibly stable, so you shouldn’t need one. Secondly, pedalling in a wet suit or dry suit requires more effort. You are welcome to                  bring your own if you wish.

Q.   Are there changing facilities?

A.   As we mostly use remote launch sites, it’s best to assume there won’t be changing facilities.

Q.   But after all this, will I get wet?

A.   Key advantages of pedal drive kayaks are:- 1) quick and easy to steer and, 2) no paddle splash or drips. The only time you may get splashed is if the water is a little                      choppy on the surface or if you have to push off from land (wet feet only).


Q.   Will I be required to fill out any forms?

A.   Yes. You will be required to complete a waiver before we head off on our adventures.


Q.   Is it safe to bring a camera bag? 

A.  We would recommend bringing only what you need for the day, not a flight case of lenses. We are not responsible if you lose or damage your camera and equipment                 during our trip. We also advise that all cameras are fitted with a suitable neck strap or cross body sling to enable you to have them close at hand for that special moment.


Q.  Is my gear insured on the kayaks?

A.  No. You are responsible for your own gear, not us. We suggest that you bring your own waterproof bags for any photographic equipment that you might choose to                 bring with you.  There are open storage areas for bags, one at the front and one at the rear, as well as two small covered storage pods just in front of the drive; you can               store belongings in those too. Two of the kayaks are equipped with sonar, so you may find that one storage pod is being used for power supplies and wiring. On these             kayaks there will be a small screen fitted with GPS and depth readings.


Your Kayak Tour 


Q.   What would the meeting time be for my trip?

A.   The times will be agreed in our initial booking contact. Please arrive promptly, even a little early if possible as we need to allow time for a safety briefing and discussion            as to what we want to achieve and where we will be going.  We will set up one of the kayaks and talk you through the operation and features before hitting the water.              We will also kit you out with a personal flotation device (Life Jacket to the confused and bewildered). 


Q.   Can I bring a passenger to join me?

A.   No. Each Kayak is built for one person only. 


Q.   Where will we leave from?

A.   Once you have spoken to us via phone, messenger or email, we will advise on our departure point and give you your directions. 


Q.   Are there any recommendations on what we should wear?

A.   With the design of the kayaks and their stability, we would suggest you wear light walking trousers, loose yoga pants or light jogging pants and suitable t-shirts/ fleeces              or jackets depending on the conditions. In summer, shorts are fine but absolutely NO budgie smugglers, you have been warned!!

        We would suggest depending on temperature, that you bring a waterproof jacket to suit the conditions. A trendy Cagoule (they don’t exist, we looked) is fine during              the warmer months. Remember this is a bit physical so sweat will build up if you're doing it right.


Q.   Do I need any special footwear?

A.   We would suggest that you wear something sporting like a decent pair of running shoes or trainers; please bring a spare pair in case they get wet. Walking boots are a no-          no, you wouldn’t ride a bike in them, would you? We will get you in your kayak and push you out, but if for any reason we can't push you out, you will have to assist              and are likely to get your feet wet at this point. High heels of any sort are not allowed!!


Q.   Are there any restrictions we should be aware of?

A.   This is a physical pursuit, we will cover a lot of miles over the trip, so please make sure that you are physically able to do this as we cannot tow you if you run out of                    steam and may be forced to abandon you on an island like Robinson Crusoe! Seriously though, we suggest that participants are 16 years and over as much of this is to            do with the users ability to reach the pedals, which are adjustable. Special arrangements can be looked at with family bookings.

        Weight limit for the kayaks is 18 stone (114kg), we cannot accommodate persons weighing more than this.


Q.   Will there be parking for our car at the meeting point?

A.   This will depend on where we are launching. We will normally pick a suitable place for a site that will enable you to park, close by or next to the launch area. Please do            not park next to the waterline as this may vary with tidal movements and you may return to find your car cannot be retrieved!


Q.   What methods of payment do you accept?

A.   We accept Cash, PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards and bank transfers. 


Q.   Would it be OK to bring our dog?

A.   I am afraid we would have to decline this. Even though on occasion Graeme’s dog Luna, will join him (she’s more experienced at this activity); dogs can move around             on the kayak and from experience are a sure fire way to either ruin your photos or knock something into the water. We don’t supply Kleenex to wipe away the tears as             we  atch your 70-300mm lens sinking to the bottom of Loch Lubnaig.


Q.   Is it OK to bring food and drink?

A.   You may bring non-alcoholic drinks, a flask of tea or coffee is fine. Food is best kept for landing time on a beach or river bank. A cake is permitted but if it’s a fancy                    homemade affair, the likes of a Bake Off final, you'd best have enough to share around or it might end up being used to feed the fishes!


Q.   What happens if it rains on the day, or if blowing an absolute hoolie (for those from overseas, or even the south of the island, that means very windy)?

A.   As this is a photo tour, we have to look at the conditions carefully. If it’s raining heavily, we will cancel. If it's only showers, we will still go; the drama of showers falling           can obviously lead to stunning images. We would advise the use of camera covers.  Any decision to cancel will be made using meteorological forecasts and will be taken           with everyone’s best interests at heart. 

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